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Protect your health during flu season and earn a bonus with our Rewards Program

Respiratory illness is on the rise, particularly with the flu, COVID, and RSV hitting at-risk populations. We’re here to help you get through this seasonal spike safely. 

Staying informed and taking the proper precautions, such as getting vaccinated, are the most important steps you can take to protect yourself and the people around you. 

What’s the Difference?

Both the flu and COVID-19 are highly contagious viruses that can spread easily through close contact with others. They present a wide range of symptoms which can lead to severe illness and complications, especially in older adults or people with underlying medical conditions. Here are some tell-tale signs that you may have contracted one of these viruses:

How Does Getting Vaccinated Help? 

The flu vaccination can help prevent you from getting the flu and reduces the severity of symptoms for those who still contract the flu. The flu vaccine:

  • Prevents millions of illnesses and flu-related doctor’s visits and tens of thousands of hospitalizations each year
  • Reduces the likelihood of needing a doctor’s visit due to the flu by 40% – 60% when vaccine formulations match circulating viruses
  • Reduces the risk of ICU admission by 26% and risk of death by 31% among vaccinated adults hospitalized with the flu, according to a 2021 study 

For people with certain health conditions, flu vaccination is an important preventive tool

  • Only 49% of US adults with chronic conditions got a flu shot in the last year increasing the risk of complications and hospitalizations for those who do contract the virus (CDC)
  • 95% of those hospitalized with the flu in October and November 2023 reported at least one chronic condition, underlining the severe risk for this demographic (CDC)
  • Flu vaccination reduces hospitalizations from worsening chronic conditions, especially among people with diabetes, chronic lung disease, and heart disease 

The COVID-19 vaccination is a safe and effective way to lower your risk of complications if you do contract the virus

  • People who are up to date have lower risk of severe illness, hospitalization, and death from COVID-19, compared to those who are unvaccinated or haven’t completed the doses recommended by the CDC 
  • Additional updated COVID-19 vaccine doses (boosters) can help restore protection that has decreased since a previous vaccination 
  • Per the CDC, COVID-19 vaccines have undergone—and will continue to undergo—the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history

 Why Wait? Get vaccinated! Boost your immune system and your benefits. 

Gold Kidney Medicare Advantage plans reward you for prioritizing your health through the Gold Kidney Rewards Program. 

When you receive your annual flu or COVID vaccine, a reward of $25 will be applied to your Alivi Gold Kidney Prepaid Visa® Card. And, whether you choose to get vaccinated through your primary care provider, local clinic, or at no-cost locations, such grocery stores, keep your Wellness Verification Form handy to be signed by the healthcare professional administering your vaccine(s). 

Already vaccinated and looking for other ways to protect your health?

Gold Kidney Health Plan members can complete a total of twelve wellness activities annually, each earning a $25 reward, for a maximum of $300 per year. Here are some ways to stay healthy and earn more rewards: 

  • Health Risk Assessment: if you are within 90 days of plan enrollment prior to July 31st, you’ll receive a $25 reward to your prepaid benefit card wallet for the completion of an annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Questionnaire about your health history 
  • Annual Wellness Visit: complete an Annual Wellness visit to receive a $25 reward added to your prepaid benefit card wallet 

To view the full list of wellness activities and to learn more about the Gold Kidney Rewards Program, click the button below

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