Creating the gold standard for your care

Improving quality of life and providing Medicare Advantage plans for specific healthcare needs

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Creating the gold standard for your care

Improving quality of life and providing Medicare Advantage plans for specific healthcare needs

Gold Kidney offers Medicare Advantage special needs plans developed by nephrologists that include benefit options for End Stage Kidney Disease (ESKD), chronic heart failure, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.

We also offer standard Medicare Advantage plans to meet your everyday healthcare needs.

Medicare Advantage

A specialty health plan that reduces referrals, coordinates care among your providers, and provides the support you need to live your healthiest life

Chronic Conditions

Helping minimize the progression of chronic health conditions like kidney and heart disease and diabetes for better quality of life

Flex Card Benefits

Offering a full complement of health and wellness options including dental, vision, hearing, fitness, and more – all available with a credit allowance

Special Services

Peace of mind with Member Concierge Service, Nurse Advice Line, PERS, transportation, transplant consultations, urgent travel benefits, and more


Serving those with no chronic conditions, as well as those who struggle with kidney disease, or chronic conditions that can lead to ESKD – like diabetes, chronic heart failure, and cardiovascular conditions.


Consultative partners providing our members and prospective members with expert guidance on their Medicare options and assisting them in finding the right plan for their unique health needs.  


Trusted primary care physicians, nephrologists, dialysis centers, hospitals, pharmacies, cardiologists, and endocrinologists working together to provide a more personalized, comprehensive treatment experience for members. 

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Medicare Basics

Understand the basics of Medicare, the benefits of a Medicare Advantage plan, and chronic special needs plans eligibility. 

Gold Kidney creates a personalized group of specialists to help in our (CKD/Dialysis) care; they help to decrease precursors in CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) such as underlying cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and Diabetes. With specialist care, it gives us a peace of mind that we are getting the absolute best care out there and we are not navigating CKD blindly, on our own.

Arizona Member

I chose Gold Kidney Health Plan (GKHP) because I love that it is geared toward those of us who have been living with or currently been diagnosed with CKD. The benefits of GKHP benefit the patient and help make the education process more understandable, and it also helps that most representatives and educators are CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) and dialysis patients themselves. I know that THAT helped me choose which plan I wanted. 

Arizona Member

We believe that empowering these patients at a very early stage in their kidney disease – empowering them with education, giving them the right tools on how to understand the disease process, connecting them with the right care navigators…creates that partnership that decreases the burden of the illness and….perhaps also reduces hospitalizations.

Dr. Mandeep Sahani, MD., MS., Provider

I would highly recommend Gold Kidney to any patients and/or caregivers of patients with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) or on Dialysis. We have been waiting for an individualized plan such as Gold Kidney for a very long time. 

Arizona Member

With the Super Complete HMO C-SNP (Chronic Special Needs Plan) plan from Gold Kidney I have more choices and benefits. Honestly, what sold me was the access to more nephrology-based specialists.  

Arizona Member


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