The Ultimate Guide to Flexible Health Benefits

There are a variety of healthcare options available for those eligible for Medicare, and “flex” benefit programs present a more customizable approach to managing your healthcare. You have more choice and control over how benefit dollars are spent, and you can select your provider of choice. If you’re seeking a more personalized way to manage your health benefits, a flex benefit program might be the answer. Let’s explore the benefits of these programs and why they are becoming a game-changer for those eligible for Medicare. 

Your Health, Your Rules: The Flexible Benefit Way 

Personalized Health Budget 

Flex benefit programs provide a personalized allowance with funds loaded on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. The allowance amount and availability of funds are prescribed by the specific plan you’re enrolled in. These programs give you the autonomy to decide: 

  • Which health service to use based on your individual needs 
  • Which retailers or healthcare providers to use 
  • The amount you want to spend on each service, provided it’s within the benefit limit associated with your plan 

Wide Range of Services Covered 

Flex benefit programs aren’t just about flexibility; they’re about variety. The best programs cover a wide range of health-related needs that original Medicare may not, such as: 

  • Dental care: Coverage for dental exams and procedures 
  • Hearing exams and devices: Coverage for hearing check-ups and hearing aids 
  • Vision exams and corrective lenses: Coverage for eye exams and glasses 

The beauty of flex benefit programs is the freedom to choose your preferred provider and the ease of paying directly for the services with the flex card provided by your plan. Say goodbye to the hassles of insurance claims and deductibles! 

Healthy Habits, Rewarding Returns 

Great flex benefit programs aren’t just about spending; they are about earning more benefits, too! Some programs reward you for staying on top of your health with preventive screenings. Think of these extra benefits as getting a pat on the back through extra flex funds for each healthy step you take.  

Why is a Flex Benefit Program Important for You? 

1. Flexibility: Choose where, when, and on what to spend your health allowance 

2. Savings: By using preventive services, you stay healthy while you also earn rewards 

3. Convenience: No more tedious insurance claims to file or deductibles to worry about 

4. Support for Chronic Conditions: Get added support in managing chronic conditions with additional benefits 

5. Ease of Access: Use your card at a multitude of outlets, making healthcare more accessible, convenient, and straightforward 

The Choice is Yours with our Alivi Gold Kidney Prepaid Visa® Card  

Gold Kidney offers all these benefits and more with our Flex Card program. With up to $4,000* in annual flex benefit allowance, you can choose your dental, vision, and hearing providers and allocate what you want to spend on each service. We don’t stop there! Our flex benefit program rewards you for preventive screenings to help you stay healthy. You can receive rewards of up to $25 for visiting a provider for eligible preventive services, with a cap of $300 each year. These services include: 

  • Annual wellness checks 
  • Annual flu or COVID vaccinations  
  • Cancer screenings, including mammograms and prostate exams 
  • Regular HbA1c readings twice a year 
  • Health survey participation and health assessments 

OTC Items and Supplements 

Don’t let daily necessities weigh you down. Our flex benefit program includes a monthly allowance for over-the-counter (OTC) items such as bandages, pain relievers, supplements, and more. Shop at your favorite locations like Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens or find a retailer near you for the ultimate convenience. Find our latest list of retailers here: 

Flex benefit programs are reshaping healthcare. By offering flexibility, convenience, and rewards, flex benefits ensure that you can prioritize your health in a way that suits you best.  

Learn all about our Alivi Gold Kidney Prepaid Visa® Card program and benefits here: 

*Benefits may vary by plan